Women's Libido

women's libido Libido and women’s libido is the sex drive or desire to perform sexual activities with another person. It is the gut feeling of wanting to connect with someone emotionally, physically and intimately. When stimulated, libido is brought about by increasing levels of hormone such as testosterone. As you can imagine, women’s libido varies from women to women with different factors coming into play that is stimulating to a woman sexually. Keep in mind that one factor that may be stimulating to one person may not be stimulating to another.

Reading this you may ask yourself does women’s libido also arise from testosterone. It is possible because women also produce a small amount of testosterone. Findings have shown that men’s peak sex drive is reached at their teenage years, while women’s sex drive peak in their thirties. To increase women’s libido and sex drive during sexual intercourse, a woman can perform kegel exercises with vaginal weights like the Vagacare vaginal weights that can help tighten the vagina allowing the muscles of the vagina to increase in tone, grip more, and improve sensation in the vagina during love making.

Factors affecting a decrease in women’s libido
There are a number of factors that affect women’s sex drive. All ladies are different when it comes to libido. Women are emotionally sensitive and this could play a part in dealing with it. Here are some of the factors that can affect a women’s libido:
• Relationship factor
• Physical factor
• Psychological factor

Having a healthy sexual relationship is key and an important motivator in maintaining an intimate relationship with their partners. The lack of sexual desire for the partner will decrease a women’s libido and sex drive. Stress, fatigue and depression also play a big role, that 's why it is important for women to be emotionally healthy, have a healthy relationship and a healthy sex life with their partners.

Many women experience body image issues about themselves and feel ashamed of presenting their selves naked to their partners - this can also be a cause of depletion in libido. In addition, there are some medical conditions that can cause a women’s libido to decrease like:
• Homochromatic
• Pregnancy
• Chronic liver disease
• Cushing syndrome

What are things that would increase a women’s libido?
Women vary from each other when it comes to their libido. Anything from a simple touch from their partners or attraction to a stranger can increase a women’s libido and of course, so can vaginal weights.

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