Vaginal Infections

infectionsNo matter how careful a woman can be, fact is they are not exempted from vaginal infections. Studies have shown that all women will have to suffer from vaginal infection at one point of their life. It cannot be prevented as you can get infection even with just a simple hormonal change in the body. There are just those who are more prone to infections of the vagina while others who take effort to maintain their vaginal health are less prone to get vaginal infections.

Vaginal infections can be such a nuisance for any women. It can even be worrisome thus it is highly recommended for all women to maintain a healthy state to prevent the vagina from contracting infections. Just like any other ailments, prevention is always the key for a healthier body. And to prevent from contracting infections of the vagina, keeping your vagina in tip-top shape through proper nutrition and exercise is recommended.

Can Exercise Really Prevent Vaginal Infections?

It may sound far fetched that exercise can actually prevent the spread of vaginal infections but it does help! This exercise is known as kegels are to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the muscles of the vaginal walls. It is also the exercise done for vaginal tightening and a treatment of incontinence or involuntary leakage of urine.

Kegel exercises help prevent vaginal infections by curing incontinence and having better bladder control. It is a common fact that bacteria thrives in moist environments and when you have involuntary leakage of urine, your vagina will be prone to infections because of the moist brought about by the urine leakage. Keep in mind that urine is a waste material of the body, which means it is dirty and you don’t want it lingering in your vagina.

Recurring vaginal infections are also attributed to urinary tract infections (UTI). One of the causes of UTI is the inability to empty your bladder. This again has a deep connection to incontinence and better bladder control. So if you have better bladder control because you are practicing kegel exercises, you then lower your risk of contracting UTI and vaginal infections.

Effectively Performing Kegels for Vaginal Infections Preventions

It’s really not hard to do kegel exercises, the hard part is identifying where your pelvic floor muscles are. If this sounds familiar, using the following kegel equipment would be helpful:

Vaginal weights

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Inner Fitness

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