Prostate Cancer In Women

prostate cancer

To date, there hasn’t been a recorded case of prostate cancer in women. This is primarily because women don’t have prostate glands to begin with. But when their male partners and spouses are afflicted with this malignancy, we can consider that prostate cancer affects women too. Although there are physical effects, the emotional effects of prostate cancer in women are harder to deal with. These effects are produced when the disease has started to reduce the couple’s quality of life.


According to studies, 1 in every 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer when he reaches 50 years and older. This figures only means that the rate of prostate cancer in women, although indirectly increases as well. Imagine if your spouse has been diagnosed with this prostate gland malignancy? You will definitely feel the very common emotional effects of prostate cancer in women.

• Having to extend your roles to cover for your partner: Upon diagnosis of prostate cancer, women may need to be more responsible in handling the financial's, managing the children, and other roles that they usually share with their partners. This is perhaps one of the most challenging of all known emotional effects of prostate cancer in women.

• Feeling unsatisfied with the level of intimacy with your partner: Erectile dysfunction is a very damaging symptom of prostate cancer in women, which directly affects intimacy in couples. Intimacy is very important in sustaining a healthy relationship between men and women. This problem with prostate cancer in women and their partners can be resolved with proper communication.

• Anxiety. Anxiety is referred to as the fear of the unknown: Cancers of all sorts produces this emotional effect to the family of the patient. When the patients and their families aren’t informed with the available treatment options and the true nature of the disease, they usually feel a lot of fears related to losing their loved one.

• Stress: Managing the symptoms, dealing with the hospitalization, and forcing yourself to be stronger for your partner is very stressful. Stress produces too much tension for a woman. Stress produces not just emotional but also the physical effects of prostate cancer. Stress weakens the woman’s immune system, increasing her risks of developing diseases as well.

• Exerting more effort to be stronger and braver for your partner: Prostate cancer damages the physical, emotional, and mental health of its prey. These patients need a strong support system, usually lead by his wife. Even though she is also dealing with the effect of the disease on her emotional well being, she has to help her partner deal with his.

Women have very unique qualities. They are very fragile, but are ultimately strong when the situation calls for strength – like prostate cancer. This disease can potentially damage marriages, families, and relationships. However, when a woman is strong enough to stand by her man during these trying times, these emotional effects of prostate cancer in women can be effectively dealt with.

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