Kegel Weights -vs- Ben Wall Balls

ben wall ballsBen wall balls and kegel weights are used by a variety of women to improve their pelvic muscles. Your pelvic muscle strength is important because it helps in two ways.  One, it helps with urinary incontinence and Two; it helps to heighten pleasure and increase orgasm. Although there are a number of products, which are available in the market today, the most popular products are Ben wall balls and kegel weights. Although there are plenty of women out looking for these products, plenty are unsure about which to choose. If you are one of these, this article should help.

Ben wall balls and kegel weights are different in terms of shape. Ben wall balls are called such because- they are round like regular balls. These round balls are inserted into your vagina and used during kegel exercises used while working around the house. Kegel weights on the other hand are shaped in the form of a cone, much like a tampon, only much smaller. They are inserted into the vagina like the exercise balls but sit correctly on the pelvic muscle by the formed shape of the cone.

Ben wall balls and kegel weights are also different in terms of ease of use. Although both are inserted into the vagina, the difference is that Ben wall balls can be relative more difficult to take out than kegel weights. This is largely due to the fact that they come in two’s. Although it can be easier to take out the first exercise ball, most women find it harder to take out the second. In terms of ease of use kegel weights are actually easier to put in and just as easy to take out since you are only using one cone, you would only have one implement to deal with. In addition, the shape of the kegel weight also makes it easier to remove from the vagina.

In terms of effectiveness, the two are just as different. Ben wall balls and kegel weights may claim to do the same thing but their shapes ensure that one is more effective than the other. Although both Ben wall balls and kegel weights are inserted into the vagina their shapes mean the difference between a better muscle workout and one that might not be as effective. Kegel weights take the crown here because their length makes them easier to hold. Additionally, the way kegel weights sit in the vagina ensures the right muscles are exercised with the least amount of effort. In the case of Ben wall balls, they tend to have a gap in between means that less of the muscle is toned and therefore lower tone improvement.

In terms of cost, both Ben wall balls and kegel weights can be inexpensive or affordable depending on the ones you buy. Ultimately however, the choice between Ben wall balls and kegel weights should be less about price and more about results.

So there you have it. Ben wall balls and kegel weights are both products that can help you improve the pelvic muscle tone but the best choice would be kegel weights. Although Ben wall balls and kegel weights may be relative close in terms of price, the advantages of the weights far exceed the advantages of the Ben wall balls.

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