Ben Wall Balls


Ben wall balls are used primarily in kegel exercises to help tone the pelvic muscle of the vagina or the penis and make continence easier. In addition the ben wall balls are also used in order to aid orgasm in women. Although this was initially thought to increase pleasure in men, it was actually found that women found it increased orgasm more.


Using ben wall balls isn’t necessarily hard, however it is important for you to know how to use them properly if you want to make sure that you are getting the maximum benefit. Although they are small in stature, they can provide quite a number of benefits.

In order to use the balls effectively, the first thing you have to do is make sure that they are clean. Since they are going to be inserted into the vagina, the risk of infection is possible if you do not wash the balls properly. In addition, it is always best to use the balls with lubricant in order to ensure that they are easier to insert. Since they are of somewhat of a foreign shape, some women will find that they are harder to insert without lubricant.

In order to place the ben wall balls into the vagina, you should use a finger to glide them in. If there is some resistance, you should add lubricant. If on the other hand you still find it hard to place them in the vagina, some women find that the process is easier if they lift a leg. This increases the size of the opening thus making placement easier.

Once the balls are in, it is important to squeeze your legs as well as the pelvic muscle. In order to figure out if you are doing that right, you should feel the balls push into your vagina a little bit. In addition, you will also find that your vagina will have the sensation of feeling full. This means the ben wall balls are inside the vagina correctly.

In order to perform the exercises, you have to contract your vaginal muscles. To start off with, plenty of women find that 15 minutes provide them with a pretty good work out. 15 minutes should really be the minimum although you can use the ben wall balls for a longer length of time if your goal is to make sure that you have a much more intense work out and get faster results.

Once you are done, you can retrieve the ben wall balls by pulling the string which a lot of them have. If however, the ben wall balls you have bought don’t have the string you can force them out by squatting. The position resembles what you would typically look like if you were trying to start a bowel movement.

In terms of effectiveness, ben wall balls can be effective but not as much as kegel weights. The reason for this lies in the structure of the kegel weights and the variations which are available for them. Try out ben wall balls for yourself or better yet, get a set of kegel weights to see the difference that they can provide.

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