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Kegel exercise balls are used to help with kegels, a type of exercise that helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles in both men and women although the primary use of the exercise are done by women. Kegel exercise balls come in two forms; internal, which means the balls are placed into the vagina and external, which is used outside the vagina. Both of these can help to enhance and improve the vaginal muscle.


Why Would You Want to Use Balls in the First Place?
There are two distinct reasons for wanting to use kegel balls:
1. To help continence
2. To improve sexual activity

Continence refers to the ability to hold urine in the bladder. If you have ever sneezed or coughed and felt a trickle of urine or if you are unable to hold your urine, you are said to have urinary incontinence! There are a number of causes for this however the most common is that the pelvic muscle isn’t strong enough to hold the urine in or support the bladder.

Although there are some more serious causes, this is the primary cause of incontinence. Most women experience incontinence at some point in their lifetime but most find it embarrassing and that is why few women, perhaps like you, rarely seek treatment.

In terms of sexual activity, kegel balls can help in a way you may not have thought possible, better orgasms. When the vaginal muscles are toned, the sensation during sexual intercourse is much greater. In fact, vaginal muscles that are toned also increases the strength of the orgasm because the contraction during the orgasm and the more toned they are, the greater the contraction.

How Do You Use Kegel Balls?
Kegel exercise balls are meant to help and aid kegel exercises. Regular kegels require you to use your own strength in order to improve pelvic muscle tone. The problem is that this can be a painstakingly slow process whereas the use of kegel balls can help to improve the workout and thus lowering your time for results.

Ben wall balls – are used intra-vaginally which means kegels are done with them in the vagina. At the same time, these balls can be used while doing work around the house.

Rubber exercise balls – You know those exercise balls which are used at the gym? These are also used as kegel balls. Although they are not intra-vaginal, they provide no inner resistance but can help to improve your outer core.

So how effective are they? In terms of effectiveness, there is no question that the balls can be somewhat effective. They don't lay on the muscle like kegel weights do based on the cone shape design, but if used, should provide some results over time. There is a question however as to how effective they are. The primary problem with kegel exercise balls is they are completely dependent on you. In addition, it is up to you to figure out how you are progressing and the weight of the next kegel ball for you to use. There is a better option available and it uses the concept of resistance with quicker results.

Kegel weights are fast emerging as kegel exercise balls. They are clinically proven to work, and follow the natural contour of the vagina which means they are easer to use. They also come with varying weights which you can interchange depending on the type of toning you need. Since they are also shaped longer, they are less likely to slip than ben wa balls and can also be carried in the vagina during household activities.

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Vaginal weights are now the number one exerciser recommend by Doctors world wide.
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